I cannot stress how important it is to lube your bike chain. As with many things, if you’ve never learned how to do this, it may seem overwhelming. I know it was for me…as soon as you walk into a bike shop and ask for lube, the questions start flying.

Do you need dry or wet lube? What kind of conditions are you riding in? Maybe you should use a teflon-based lube? Have you ever tried our wax-based lubes? Have you remembered to clean your chain?

Now, I’m not railing on your local bike shop…they’re just doing their job. But honestly, the questions can be quite confusing. Who knew lubing a chain was so involved? Well, like with most things I’m unfamiliar with, I went to the Wonderful World Wide Interwebs to find some answers. And you know what? I found a great instructional video on how to clean and lubricate a bike chain. Enjoy!

GNARLUBE How To Lube Your Chain from GNARLUBE™ on Vimeo.



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