That’s literally what I did this past Friday night (Feb 10th). I attended the annual Testicle Festival in Vining, IA. That’s right, I said testicles. I ate balls, nuts, testys (or is it testies?), Rocky Mountain Oysters…they go by so many names. I believe they were of the beef variety this year, but they just as easily could’ve been sheep or pig nuts. What I can tell you is this…They. Were. Awesome! More importantly, the experience was just shy of epic, or as I like to call it, pretty sweet.

This was my second year in attendance. I was invited last year by a friend and colleague (yes I have colleagues, deal with it). We’ll call this friend Sam, as that is his name. You see, Sam grew up near Vining in another small town in rural America, the name of which is not important. Since he grew up around Vining, he knew all about this testy festy. He gets together with old high school and RAGBRAI friends, and because he knows how I favor things that are awesome, he extended an invitation to tag along. I must admit, my first time, I was a little reluctant to go, well, balls deep into my belly. Sure, I grew up in rural Iowa, and sure, I was a hunter and ate many a wild game, BUT…I never ate their nads (another name!).


It is my philosophy that life is one big adventure made up of a multitude of smaller adventures. When given the chance to try something new, try it…it’s an adventure! When faced with a challenge that doesn’t exactly strike your fancy, tackle it – it’s an adventure! Well, eating testicles, at a festival no less, is indeed an adventure. Though the greasy fried testicles were not my favorite of foods, the experience was very awesome, and I like all things awesome.





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