After reading a post on titled, Ten Reasons Why I should Ride My Bike To Work, I became inspired to create my own list. Of course I won’t have the luxury of showing up messy, so I’ll have to be creative getting my business casual attire to work w/o too many wrinkles. With a little planning, I can drive a couple days a week, allowing me to bring an extra change of cloths to work for the rest of the week. So it might not work to ride everyday, but even two or three days a week would be a huge difference. So here you go…my Ten Reasons to ride my bike to work (a couple days a week).

  1. I’m tired of spinning indoors. I mean seriously, could anything be more mind numbing than riding your bike indoors, in front of the TV, watching Sports Center? It’s fine once a week, but when you’re trying to get some miles in, it gets old…real fast.
  2. Killing two birds with one stone. Instead of commuting to work by car, then taking time out of my workday to hit the gym, I can commute to work on my bike, which also counts as my workout. It’s efficient! Plus, if I have the time and energy, I can make my commute home a little longer for an extra added benefit. Check this…that’s two workouts in the same day. So…suckonthatonetime!
  3. Stress relief, fresh mind, and relaxed body. Seriously, riding a bike is therapeutic. Sure, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on bikes, but honestly, it’s cheaper than spending thousands of dollars on Head Shrinks. Add to that the benefit of rolling into work completely awake and refreshed from a morning ride. And what happens when I ride home after a really stressful day at work…that’s right, it all slides off my shoulders as I pedal my ass home.
  4. I need the miles. I go on a mountain bike trip w/ a bunch of fellas every year in the spring (well, technically this is my second year). Before going on a week long trip, it’s a good idea to get some serious miles in the saddle. Even though it wouldn’t be on my mountain bike, it’d be miles I wouldn’t otherwise attain. Let’s call them, extra miles.
  5. Holy hell…gas prices are nearly $4.00 a gallon. Um…I don’ t think this one needs much of an explanation. Sure, I can afford it, but DAMN…that’s a lot of bank just to get to work and back. That’s a savings that will pay for my morning coffee. Wow…it’s like getting free coffee! I bet Roasters Coffee House can appreciate this.
  6. It helps justify all the money I spend on bikes. Seriously…it’s like a sickness. If I’m gonna own’m, I better ride’m.
  7. My company is bike friendly. Hell, they’re wellness friendly. Not only do they provide bike racks, they provide facilities to shower once you’ve ridden your bike to work. Actually, the showers are a part of the wellness center, but you get the point.
  8. It’s starting to look a lot like spring. Yes, the weather has been excellent this winter, and now that we’re into March, it’s getting even better. I can certainly start my ride in the 30′s and ride home in the 50-60 degree range. That’s damn near perfect for a daily commute.
  9. Who wants to be a hypocrite? Not this guy! To be an advocate for bikes, and not ride bikes…well that just seems wrong. This is just one more chance to walk the walk, so to speak.
  10. I like riding my bikes. It’s an awesome feeling…like being a kid again. If I could spend more time doing one thing that I love, it would be riding a bike. Well, this would be my second choice, but hey, this is a top 10 list about riding my bike, not a list of why I think my wife should have more sex with me.



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